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Former California jail manager files wrongful termination claim

At some point in time during employment, workers may experience an illness. Some of these illnesses, such as cancer, are serious in nature and may force employees to take on lighter job duties. At times, employers may frown upon this and may terminate the employees. A former California jail manager filed a wrongful termination suit after he allegedly lost his position due to cancer.

Former California CarMax worker files wrongful termination suit

The loss of a job position for any reason can put a worker and their family in financial and emotional distress. When this happens, California workers are usually forced to find another avenue of employment or file for unemployment just to pay the bills. If a worker feels they were wrongfully discharged, however, they could have legal options available to pursue. A company called CarMax is faced with a wrongful termination lawsuit from one of its former employees.

Former truck driver wins wrongful termination case

Receiving word that one has to be terminated from a job can be a major blow to an individual in California. After all, a job provides financial support in addition to giving an individual a sense of purpose in life. Being wrongfully fired understandably can cause anger in the victim, who reserves the right to seek justice in a wrongful termination situation in our state.

California workplace bullying led to wrongful termination

On-the-job bullying and wrongful termination have come to the forefront of workplace issues. One California truck driver was terminated from his place of employment. The truck driver claims that this was an act of wrongful termination after he was repeatedly bullied.

California wrongful termination suit reaches settlement

A woman who previously worked as a social worker filed suit against her former employer. The California social worker claimed that her job loss was the result of a wrongful termination. The case was originally dismissed, but the employer and the woman have since entered into a settlement for an undisclosed amount.

Former California gay teacher files wrongful termination suit

When a worker is faced with job loss, it can cause a multitude of financial burdens for him or herself and those who depend on that individual for support. Terminating a worker based only on race or sexual orientation is considered wrongful termination under California laws. As unlawful as this act is, it is more common than some may think. A former teacher was terminated from his job position allegedly for marrying his partner.

California account executive wins wrongful termination suit

Playboy has been sued by a former employee. The former account executive filed a wrongful termination suit after allegedly bringing certain company mishaps to light. A California jury awarded the former employee $6 million, not including punitive damages.

Former California employee files wrongful termination suit

A woman claims that she lost her job after reporting a violation that she noticed at the workplace. She maintains that she was forced to resign from her place of employment in the wake of her making this apparent violation known. She filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Kaiser and her former supervisor in a California courtroom.

California company settles wrongful termination claim

Loss of employment for unlawful reasons can put a worker and their family in financial and emotional turmoil. A former employee filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against California employer, CalPERS. The former employee claims that she was terminated for debating the company's insider trades. The case has since settled in the amount of $57,200.

Man files wrongful termination suit against California Oracle

Losing a job can put an individual and his or her family in financial distress. It can add even more distress when the individual was fired for unlawful reasons. Oracle has been faced with a lawsuit after terminating its sales manager. The sales manager had an issue with how much the company wished to pay an overseas worker who was transferring to their California location. As a result, he lost his job, and the company is being sued for wrongful termination due to alleged ethnic bias and opposing views on employee rights.

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