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The reasons a firing may be a wrongful termination

No one likes to get fired. For most people, it comes as a complete shock, while others may see signs that it is on the horizon. At the end of the day, it does not matter when a person is fired; it matters how they were fired and for what reason. Some California residents who have been let go from their jobs may find that they have been dismissed illegally. Those who believe this applies to them may file wrongful termination claims in an effort to seek compensation for their losses.

Not all wrongful termination cases make it to court

Anyone who has been fired from a job has every right to question the legality of his or her situation. The wrongful termination of employees happens far too often, and it is certainly something that should not be allowed to stand. Some believe that they have been let go from their employers unfairly, but they do not want to take the issue to court if they do not have to. The good news is wrongful termination cases in California and elsewhere do not always end up going to trial. 

California special ed director settles wrongful termination claim

All students within a school district deserve to receive a quality education. Students with special needs often need accommodations in place to ensure that are able to work toward success. To ensure that districts are in compliance with state and federal laws regarding special education students, they will often hire personnel to help. Unfortunately, the former special education director of a California school district recently settled a wrongful termination claim, arguing that conflict developed between her and her superiors over compliance issues.

Mattel facing wrongful termination and age discrimination claims

When fired from a job, it is normal and okay to question the reason behind it. If something about it seems off or not entirely legal, one might be able to take specific actions with the hopes of seeking compensation for any resulting losses. Recently, a California man did just that when he filed wrongful termination and age discrimination claims -- among others -- against Mattel.

Wrongful termination: Arbitration and court involvement

When California residents think about arbitration, the words "court involvement" do not typically come to mind. Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method, meant to keep cases from being litigated. Recently, though, a case in another state has made headlines as a federal judge is asking for arbitration updates in a wrongful termination case.

Was your termination a wrongful termination?

California residents who are doing all that they can at work, only to find themselves fired, have to wonder what exactly went wrong. Employers have the right to terminate employees as they see fit, unless an employment contract is in place, but there are some reasons why they cannot. Those who believe that the following issues contributed to their firings may be entitled to file wrongful termination claims in an effort to seek compensation for their losses.

Former charter school employee alleges wrongful termination

People depend on their jobs for their livelihood. They trust that the people they work for will conduct themselves professionally, in a manner consistent with basic ethical standards. However, that does not always occur, and some employees may feel that it is their duty to raise an alarm on any situation that seems concerning. If an employer decides to fire an employee for that reason, it may be considered wrongful termination. This is what one former administrative assistant to a charter school here in California alleges happened to her.

Former firefighter recruit wins wrongful termination case

A former firefighter recruit in the San Diego area lost her place in the Fire Academy after she complained about discrimination and harassment. She filed a wrongful termination and discrimination suit shortly after and just recently won her case. Other California residents who find themselves in similar situations at their places of work may follow in her footsteps and seek compensation for their losses as well.

Was racial discrimination behind termination of officers?

Everyone wants to be treated fairly in their work environment. Unfortunately, many California residents find that this does not happen for one reason or another. In 2016, five Inglewood police officers were fired from their jobs after shooting a couple. These officers have recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that racial discrimination was behind their termination.

Constructive termination -- what is that?

California residents who have worked for employers that made being at their jobs intolerable, resulting in them ultimately quitting, may just think that they were with companies that were not a good fit for them. Maybe that is true or maybe the employer purposely made working conditions awful in the hopes that certain employees would quit, making firing them unnecessary. This is called constructive termination and it is illegal.

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