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California workers set to receive a higher payment in wages

The amount paid out in minimum wages has come to the forefront. Obama wishes to raise the minimum wage in California and for the rest of the country. California workers are set to see an increase in payment to $10 per hour.

California wage and hour: Overtime approved for nannies

Many domestic workers had been legally denied overtime, but a new law recently passed is meant to correct that problem. There were some household workers who were already being paid overtime under state law, but those laws didn't extend to anyone who takes care of others more than 80 percent of their working hours. The new California wage and hour law attempts to correct that problem by requiring time-and-a-half for any domestic worker that has worked more than nine hours and 45 minutes in any given day, or that has worked more than 45 hours a week.

Wage and hour laws: California elevates hourly wage

Hourly workers in California may have just gotten a boost in their wages. The current lawmakers voted to increase the minimum wage for the lowest paid workers. The new change in the wage and hour laws will be phased in over a thirty-six month period.

Many California workers protest wage and hour laws

Many minimum wage employees are protesting for the need for higher starting pay. The current wage and hour laws have not been updated by the government for several years. While there are some states that require companies to pay a higher rate than the federal level of about $7 an hour, that pay is just not keeping pace with the rising costs of living. California workers may also benefit if the minimum rate were increased for the lowest paying positions.

Overtime, breaks subjects of California workplace dispute

American workers spend a large percentage of our waking lives within the workplace. Because we give so much of our time to our jobs, we expect to be treated fairly and compensated in the manner laid out by our employment agreements as well as California law. When workers do not receive the compensation that they have earned, many try to handle their workplace dispute through the channels within their company. When those efforts fail, the employee is left with little choice but to turn to litigation to rectify the matter.

Some California companies still paying under sweatshop rules

In the 21st century, it would be nice to believe that our society has evolved to a point where employees are paid fairly for the work they perform. To most people, this means an hourly wage that meets or exceeds the state and federal minimum.

Several bills could affect California employees

Employment law is constantly changing, creating a dynamic employment landscape that is constantly adapting and evolving. This can sometimes make it difficult for both employees and employers who may be caught off-guard by new laws that may affect their everyday operations.

Are you properly classified?

In the wake of the recession, many employers are beginning to hire employees again after having to lay workers off or limit the growth of their workforce. But some may be gun-shy about bringing on full-time employees when the business' economic security seems tenuous.

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