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Payment dispute results in California faculty filing labor charge

Students and faculty members from California State University launched a public rally in relation to a current labor charge that has been filed against management. The payment dispute alleges unfair labor practices and is the central focus of the current battle between Cal State faculty members and their employers.  The action has been taken in response to a deadlock that has been in place since June 2015 regarding increased wages.

SpaceX faces a class action lawsuit for non-payment of overtime

SpaceX, an aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company headquartered in California, is involved in a class action lawsuit that was filed by a former employee. He alleges he, as well as some of his co-workers, are the victims of wage theft. He claims that he was denied overtime, forced to work without payment and not permitted to take his legally mandated rest periods.

FedEx settles misclassified drivers employment dispute for $228M

It was a happy day for a group of California drivers for FedEx Ground who finally are receiving justice. The drivers now have a conclusion to their employment dispute after a decade. The case -- originally filed in 2005 -- represented 2,300 workers who claimed they were classified as independent contractors when they should have been employees.

Houlihan's accused of non-payment of overtime and tip theft

California individuals who work in the restaurant industry rely very heavily on their tips, as they constitute the bulk of their incomes. Workers who lose tips that they have earned or those who are not given payment for all of their hours worked may suffer from undue hardship. Employees who worked at Houlihan's in another state claim that over $40,000 of their tips were stolen and that they were not paid overtime. The president of A.C.E. Restaurant Group, as well as a co-owner, are now facing the accusations brought forth by the U.S. Department of Labor in a federal lawsuit.

$50M class-action lawsuit filed for non-payment of overtime

Many California readers who enjoy beer may think that being a distributor would be a fun job. A group of drivers from another state claim that their job was far from entertaining and, many times, unprofitable. They allege that they were the victims of wage theft and have turned to the law to help them get the payment that they believe they are owed.

Interns wage a payment dispute against the Olsen twins

Many California readers may be familiar with the Olsen twins from watching them on television when they were young. Now as adults, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have since opened their own manufacturing and licensing business, DualStar Entertainment Group. A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the twins by current and former interns who are waging a payment dispute in a state Supreme court.

Uber drivers file an employment dispute claim over classification

Uber -- a ride hailing service that connects passengers and drivers via smartphone -- may be on the brink of a class action lawsuit. A U.S. District Court judge is still evaluating all of the facts surrounding a case that was commenced by three of Uber's drivers. The California-based company may not only have the plaintiffs to deal with, but also potentially over 160,000 other drivers if the employment dispute claim is granted class action status.

Restaurant accused of non-payment of overtime by ex worker

New and established businesses in California and across the country should all be aware of the Fair Labor Standards Act and how to properly compensate its employees in accordance with state and federal employment laws. Workers who realize that their employers are not paying them correctly may choose to take legal action. A former employee of the Broadway Lights Diner & Cafe alleges that he was victim of wage theft because he was denied his payment of overtime.

Over 12,000 Apple workers seek payment for security checks

A group of past Apple employees have asked a judge to add over 12,000 more plaintiffs to their federal claim. These workers seek payment for the time that they spent being searched each day at the end of their shift and during their meal periods. The proposed class of additional plaintiffs would come from 52 Apple stores located throughout California.

Janitors may strike if not given payment for overtime and wages

Making ends meet can be difficult during a recession. Workers in California and elsewhere expect that they will be paid appropriately so that they can support their families and pay their bills. When this does not happen, it can bring hardship upon the employees' families. In order to collect payment for the money that they believe to be owed, workers may have to turn to the legal system.

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