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Restaurants failed to provide adequate employment compensation

Employees at restaurants throughout California and other parts of the country often work long hours at strenuous, often low-paying jobs. Certainly, workers in any industry expect and deserve to receive the full amount of employment compensation they have earned, including any overtime pay they may have coming to them. When a company fails to do this, it is violating the nation's wage and hour laws. An organization in another state was recently required to pay back wages to nearly 70 employees.

California employment laws address pay, overtime and breaks

Hour and wage laws in California address the different kinds of leave that employees can take as well as the state's minimum wage requirements. These laws also cover breaks, overtime and meals. Understanding these employment laws can help workers in the Golden State to ensure that their rights are not being infringed upon when they punch the clock each day.

Payment dispute may occur if non-working employee receives no pay

In certain jobs, employees in California and elsewhere might be entitled to be paid even for moments when they are not necessarily working. After all, employers generally must pay their employees for time spent under their control. If an employer allegedly fails to do this, a payment dispute may understandably ensue, and the reportedly wronged employee has the right to seek to hold his or her employer accountable for its actions.

Employees win in separate payment dispute cases

Those who work for minimum wage rely on every dollar to make ends meet. Therefore, when an employer refuses to issue rightfully earned pay, the employees affected may find themselves involved in a payment dispute case. California residents who believe they have not been justly compensated for hours worked can seek assistance in finding a remedy.

24 Hour Fitness battling several employment related lawsuits

Americans are often fanatical about getting healthy and working out. As a result, there are a plethora of options for obtaining a gym membership and staying fit. Unfortunately, the fancy gym equipment often conceals the misery of the employees who are often required to work under less than optimal conditions. One of the most popular gyms in California, 24 Hour Fitness, is also the most frequent defendant in employment related disputes.

Former detective head in payment dispute placed on leave

Recently, one former head of the detective branch of a city's police force in another state was forced to accept paid leave over a dispute concerning overtime pay. Though this did not take place in California, it could be of interest to workers residing here. According to a police union representative, the man submitted a payment request in connection with overtime hours he put in on a regularly scheduled off-duty day last October, after purportedly providing supervisory telecommunications support to his fellow detectives. The captain then submitted his payroll slip to his chief, who initially approved the overtime wages. Thereafter, a payment dispute erupted. 

Security guard files suit against Giants over employment dispute

The professional baseball season typically runs from early April until late October. When the season is over, it is likely that the average fan does not consider what happens to the support staff of a team. Recently, a security guard, who is employed by the San Francisco Giants, filed a suit against the team over an employment dispute. The California Supreme Court has decided to weigh in on this particular case.

Many federal workers may be affected by payment caps for overtime

The past year has brought multiple natural disasters that have taken a toll on many of the resources available, including the hours put in by emergency responders. Now, there are several hundred FEMA workers who may be asked to give even more as they may have exceeded the salary caps that dictate payment for excessive hours worked. If this becomes a requirement, it may affect California residents who work for the federal agency.

According to workers' payment dispute, Disney not a fun workplace

Almost every child in America has dreamed about visiting either Disney World or Disneyland here in California. However, according to union officials embroiled in a payment dispute, the entertainment destination may not be the workplace of dreams. Employees of Disney World are fighting for better wages and more favorable work conditions; however, it is unknown if the current protest also involves workers in Disneyland. 

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