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Wipro accused of non-payment of overtime to foreign workers

The United States is often called the land of opportunity, which entices many foreign workers to come to the country for work. However, these workers may not be familiar with their rights regarding proper compensation under state and federal employment laws and may be underpaid, as a result. A man who was outsourced by Wipro Ltd. to work at DirectTV in California claims that he was not given payment for overtime, because he was incorrectly classified as exempt.

California eatery is accused of a non-payment of overtime

One of an employer's integral responsibilities is keeping accurate payroll records for his or her workers. Although more costly, it can be necessary for employees to work in addition to their standard hours and be paid overtime. When this money is withheld, the affected California workers may look to the justice system to receive payment.

Mariah Carey's ex-nanny files claim for payment of overtime

Working additional hours is a great way to make some extra income, especially if those hours qualify for payment of overtime. Laws in California and at the federal level protect employees under these circumstances. If the workers do not receive proper payment for their efforts, they may turn to the law for help.

Chipotle accused of forcing employees to work without payment

There are many times when employees may be asked to work before or after their scheduled shifts. California workers are typically under the assumption that they will be clocking in and paid for their extra hours. That was apparently not the case for a former employee of Chipotle who claims that he was required to work additional hours, but not allowed to punch in for proper payment.

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