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Ex police worker wins wrongful termination claim for $725K

Many employees believe in doing what is right and move to report questionable activity by their superiors without fear of retaliation. Unfortunately, some employers fire workers who speak up in an effort to keep any claimed unlawful conduct quiet and/or in retaliation for prior acts. A California woman who worked for the San Francisco Police Department asserts that she was the victim of a wrongful termination after reporting an incident that appears to have violated department policy.

Forever 21 under fire for employment discrimination by ex worker

Some major changes may be occurring for employees who are being harassed in the workplace due to their gender identity. The U.S. Attorney General recently indicated that going forward, the Justice Department will begin considering transgender workers to be covered under the Civil Rights Act for employment discrimination. An employee who worked for California-based Forever 21 took a stand against the unfair treatment that she claims to have received because of her gender identity.

Twitter accused of employment discrimination for its practices

In order to promote fairness in advancement for all employees, most companies have specific guidelines in place. These processes typically detail how workers are promoted and also communicate which internal openings are available in order to allow employees to apply. Disregard for these types of formal procedures could result in California workers becoming victims of employment discrimination.

Employment discrimination claim gives a near $15 million payout

A total of seven current and former warehouse workers for Matheson Trucking are finally getting some good news. The California-based company is responsible for transporting mail for a variety of companies, such as Federal Express, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service. The company stood accused of employment discrimination and retaliation, and, after a three week court battle, the plaintiffs believe justice was served.

10 ex-McDonald's workers are filing wrongful termination claims

All employees are fully entitled to a workplace that does not discriminate against them of the color of their skin. This applies to all companies, large or small. California employees who believe that they have been subject to a wrongful termination may choose to fight back against the company for any illegal practice.

Gay employee alleges his wrongful termination was retaliatory

Each day many workers across the country believe that they must suffer in silence when they are subjected to discrimination and other unfair treatment. Others fear backlash for coming forward with information that could potentially put them at odds with their companies. California workers should not fear retaliation for speaking out about illicit behavior, but, sadly, retaliation still occurs even though it is illegal. Some companies remove employees who file justified complaints, and this is called wrongful termination.

13 flight attendants claim wrongful termination

When people make the decision to fly, they are always concerned about their safety to make sure that they reach their destination. It is also a matter of grave importance to those that work for the airlines. Because they were worried about an imposing threat on a flight from California to Hong Kong, a group of 13 flight attendants for United Airlines claim that they were all subjected to a wrongful termination from employment.

Policy disagreement leads to a claimed wrongful termination

People working in the medical profession can be forced to make some difficult stands regarding their patients' care. Sometime, these opinions will go against management but are thought to be for the betterment of the patients. This does not always result in a happy ending as was demonstrated in a most recent case involving the former chief medical officer of Golden Valley Health Centers in Stanislaus and Merced Counties in California. She claims that she suffered a wrongful termination for speaking out against a new policy that would reduce the quality of patient care.

Man allegedly suffers wrongful termination for reporting fraud

A pharmacist is finally receiving some good news after having his jury-ordered award reinstated. The plaintiff worked for Walgreen's in California when he claimed that he suffered a wrongful termination after reporting alleged billing fraud. For his case, he won $88,000 in general damages. A typical punitive damages award would be 10 times greater than the general damages, but, in this case, the jury's award was 13 times higher, amounting to $1,155,000.

Wrongful termination claim ends in a win for 2 Goldman brokers

Job security is very important to most people, so many workers will do their best to retain their positions. Although there are some legal justifications to fire workers, there are also some reasons that are not justifiable. California employees who lose their jobs due to a suspected wrongful termination may choose to fight to retain their positions or seek justice for their situations.

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