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Janitors may strike if not given payment for overtime and wages

Making ends meet can be difficult during a recession. Workers in California and elsewhere expect that they will be paid appropriately so that they can support their families and pay their bills. When this does not happen, it can bring hardship upon the employees' families. In order to collect payment for the money that they believe to be owed, workers may have to turn to the legal system.

Salon workers involved in a payment dispute over low wages

Many people enjoy going to nail salons to be pampered. Although it may be fun for the customers, behind the scenes, the workers claim that they are being overworked and underpaid. California workers who are not exempt and are paid hourly should at least receive minimum wage and be given overtime pay in accordance with state and federal labor laws. When this does not happen and issues remains unresolved, the workers may look to the court to resolve their payment dispute.

California eatery is accused of a non-payment of overtime

One of an employer's integral responsibilities is keeping accurate payroll records for his or her workers. Although more costly, it can be necessary for employees to work in addition to their standard hours and be paid overtime. When this money is withheld, the affected California workers may look to the justice system to receive payment.

Papa John's franchisee accused of non-payment of overtime

Many Americans live pay check to pay check and every extra hour that they work can make a significant difference to their families. When this money is not paid, it can cause the employees to struggle to make ends meet. California workers expect to be given payment for all of the time that they put in working, as well as being compensated for any additional hours that would be paid at an overtime rate. When this does not happen, the employees may be forced to turn to the law for help.

Former assistant to Mariah Carey files a payment dispute

Stars can lead a very hectic lifestyle, which may require them to hire assistants to help them get their life in order so that they stay on task. Although they may be rich and famous, they are still obligated to follow applicable California state and federal labor laws. If their employees are not paid accordingly, they may file a payment dispute to get what they believe is owed to them.

Zillow faces payment dispute lawsuit filed by workers

When employees are expected to work more hours, they expect to get paid for those additional hours. Unfortunately, some California employers try to avoid paying for extra hours by attempting to intimidate their workers into not taking their breaks or lunches, while others try to get employees to work off the clock, so that they do not have to pay them for their time. One large employer is now facing a payment dispute in which it is accused of illegal practices.

Google freelancer claims he was not given payment for overtime

Companies should always be very careful to follow the laws regarding how employees are classified. The way in which employees are classified directly coincides with how they receive payment for overtime and other related compensatory payroll information. Lately, there has been a lot of buzz in California about companies that have improperly classified their workers.

Quality assurance workers fight against non-payment of overtime

In general, there are two classifications of employees in California: exempt and non-exempt. Those who are exempt employees do not benefit from overtime and are usually compensated with a salary, as opposed to an hourly wage. Other employees are non-exempt and should receive payment for their overtime. The improper classification of workers can ultimately lead to an employment dispute from disgruntled workers who feel that they are entitled to being paid for their overtime hours.

Indian workers win over $40,000 in an unfair payment dispute

Labor regulators recently found that a group of eight foreign workers had been grossly underpaid by a California company. Electronics for Imaging was fined for not giving the workers proper payment in accordance with California minimum wage laws. According to the report, the misconduct took place over a three-month period in 2013.

Chipotle accused of forcing employees to work without payment

There are many times when employees may be asked to work before or after their scheduled shifts. California workers are typically under the assumption that they will be clocking in and paid for their extra hours. That was apparently not the case for a former employee of Chipotle who claims that he was required to work additional hours, but not allowed to punch in for proper payment.

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