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Former firefighter recruit wins wrongful termination case

A former firefighter recruit in the San Diego area lost her place in the Fire Academy after she complained about discrimination and harassment. She filed a wrongful termination and discrimination suit shortly after and just recently won her case. Other California residents who find themselves in similar situations at their places of work may follow in her footsteps and seek compensation for their losses as well.

Was racial discrimination behind termination of officers?

Everyone wants to be treated fairly in their work environment. Unfortunately, many California residents find that this does not happen for one reason or another. In 2016, five Inglewood police officers were fired from their jobs after shooting a couple. These officers have recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that racial discrimination was behind their termination.

Constructive termination -- what is that?

California residents who have worked for employers that made being at their jobs intolerable, resulting in them ultimately quitting, may just think that they were with companies that were not a good fit for them. Maybe that is true or maybe the employer purposely made working conditions awful in the hopes that certain employees would quit, making firing them unnecessary. This is called constructive termination and it is illegal.

Hospital accused of wrongful termination, discrimination

There is nothing easy about being a nurse at a hospital. The hours are long, the number of patients assigned to each nurse can be overwhelming and the staff issues that arise can be a lot to deal with. Recently, one hospital in California has come under fire after two of its former nurses filed wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuits against the facility. If there is any validity to what these nurses are claiming occurred at this establishment, they may be able to successfully recover monetary damages.

Was age discrimination behind your wrongful termination?

Many employers in California and across the country are looking for younger individuals to come in and take jobs. This does not mean that they have the right to push older employees out unless there is a good reason to let them go. Those who believe that age discrimination contributed to their firings may file both discrimination and wrongful termination claims against their former employers.

$29 million awarded in wrongful termination lawsuit

Employees throughout California and around the country hope they have the freedom to speak up about situations in the workplace that need improvement. For example, calling attention to staffing shortages does not seem to be an inflammatory report. However, a physician in another state contended that he lost his job because of that action. Recently, he was awarded $29 million in a wrongful termination lawsuit he had filed against his former employer.

Ex-CEO files wrongful termination lawsuit against former employee

When California employees and others across the country have to take time off from work due to illness, most assume that their jobs will still be there when they return. In fact, many absences are protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act or specific company guidelines. However, one CEO in another state lost his job with an airport authority after missing work because of sickness. He has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer.

Wrongful termination, discrimination lawsuit settled out of court

The Me Too Movement recently highlighted in the news has brought focus to the plight of many women in California workplaces and other states across the nation. Women have shared stories about being sexually harassed and discriminated against in virtually every industry. The movement has given a voice to many who may have kept quiet about practices in their workplaces. A lawsuit alleging wrongful termination, discrimination and sexual harassment brought by a woman against her employer was recently settled out of court.

Fire engineer files wrongful termination lawsuit

When an employee in California or anywhere around the country discovers unethical or illegal practices in the workplace, there is often a sense of obligation to make authorities aware of the situation. Reporting unethical or illegal activities should be accomplished without fear or reprisal. However, an engineer for the Five Cities Fire Authority recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit when he was terminated after reporting several labor violations.

Woman files wrongful termination suit against health department

A woman who used to work at a health department in another state recently claimed that the department terminated her after she reported issues within the organization. She has thus decided to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against the department, seeking $50,000. Anyone in California who is unfairly fired from his or her job may likewise take legal action against his or her employer.

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