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Marriott accused of wrongful termination and FMLA violations

Californians may choose the Marriott when they are in need of a comfortable stay during their travels. According to a recent complaint in federal court, a former Marriott International Inc. employee was not treated as hospitably as the guests. His complaint against the hotel leader accused it of wrongful termination and violating his rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Worker alleges a wrongful termination for not falsifying reports

It can be a difficult situation when employees are asked to do something that is unethical and, when they refuse, they are retaliated against. A former city employee outside California claims that she lost her job because she would not alter a budget report with incorrect information. She has filed a wrongful termination claim against the city, its assistant manager and the director of human resources in a federal court.

Woman claims wrongful termination for not learning Scientology

Although the study of Scientology may be popular among stars like John Travolta and Tom Cruise, it is certainly not for everyone. A former employee of Lusida Rubber Products Inc. in California claims that her refusal to study Scientology on the job resulted in a wrongful termination. She is hoping that her claim will prevent the company executives from forcing their beliefs onto other workers in the future.

Former USC head coach accuses school of a wrongful termination

Steve Sarkisian, former football head coach of the University of Southern California, has filed a lawsuit against the school. He alleges that when he was having a difficult time in his life, the school did not try to assist him and fired him instead. Sarkisian believes that his wrongful termination was based on disability discrimination because he was suffering with alcoholism and was not given assistance.

Former Yoga Studio employee files a wrongful termination lawsuit

After refusing to comply with an alleged unscrupulous scheme to steal money from clients, a former teacher-recruiter for a California Bikram Yoga studio claims she was fired. The plaintiff also believes that she faced adverse employment actions because she became pregnant. She has filed a claim against the firm and its owner in a Superior Court for wrongful termination.

Regarding wrongful termination issues in California

There are workers in California who have experienced employer actions in the workplace that might be considered wrongful under the law. Employees will be relieved to know that there is legal help available for those who suffered from wrongful termination or other unlawful business practices in the workplace. A first logical step to take in such circumstances would be to contact an experienced employment law attorney in the area.

Wrongful termination blamed on retaliation for assault report

California employees can lose their jobs for many reasons, many of which are legitimate, such as workforce reductions or business closures. However, it is not uncommon for employees to be dismissed for unlawful reasons that lead to wrongful termination claims. Victims of illegal employment practices may have viable claims against employers.

Nurse wins $3M for her wrongful termination claim

When California individuals take their families to the hospital, they expect they will receive all of the quality care that they need. Many hospital workers put their patients first and do everything that they can to provide them with the best care. A woman who worked as a nurse for a medical center in another state alleges that she was the victim of wrongful termination because she refused to rush patient care.

Man says his wrongful termination was for being a whistleblower

When California workers are fired, oftentimes their stories will differ from what their employers say happened. This is especially true when the employees are whistleblowers and uncover things that their companies may want to keep hidden. It is this disconnect that prompts employees to file wrongful termination lawsuits to set their stories straight.

Can a Facebook post cause a wrongful termination?

Millions of people use the Internet to communicate with their friends and family each day. One of the most popular social networking sites for people in California and across the country is Facebook. Even though the First Amendment grants people freedom of speech, it does not prevent employers from checking in on what their workers are writing. A police officer from another state claims that a post that he wrote led to his wrongful termination.

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