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Constructive termination may be a matter for litigation

Ever since you pointed out that mistake your co-worker made, your work days turned into a nightmare. You were insulted, slighted and you believed your work was unfairly critiqued on a regular basis. It got to the point that you could not possibly endure one more day and you had to resign. This might be considered a constructive termination, and in California, you may be able to fight back.

Tomi Lahren files wrongful termination suit against Glenn Beck

Television and radio commentators may often be expected to fit a certain image that their followers have formed of them. When one goes off script, so to speak, the backlash can harm his or her reputation and career in the various forms of media.  Though the case was not filed in California, it was announced recently, that Tomi Lahren has filed a wrongful termination suit against Glenn Beck and the Blaze.

Labor company, Manpower, sued for wrongful termination

Every worker who resides in California has the right to seek justice if he or she believes that an employer violated one's rights in one way or another. A woman recently filed a wrongful termination suit against her employer. She claims her employer failed to protect her rights to lawful accommodations.

Sports announcer files wrongful termination suit against ESPN

The sporting world often uses colorful language that is usually reserved for military combat. A sports announcer is now suing ESPN, his former employer, for wrongful termination after he was fired for using a word that has been associated with tennis broadcasts for some time. Claims for economic hardship and intentional infliction of emotional distress were also included. The announcer, Doug Adler, may be a familiar voice for many California sports fans.

Man files wrongful termination suit against town's mayor

Obtaining employment in one's chosen field is the goal that most workers hope to achieve. Once satisfactory employment has been secured, most people probably do not worry about falling victim to a wrongful termination. Unfortunately, there are times when workers find themselves fired without clear justification. While not every instance qualifies as an unwarranted termination, California residents do have rights to seek redress in certain circumstances.

Coach's wrongful termination case reaffirmed for now

When one works hard to accomplish his or her goals, it can be devastating when something happens to knock an employee out of the game. One woman has experienced just such a blow when a college made a move to fire one of its most successful women coaches. She subsequently filed a wrongful termination suit against her former employer, the California State University system. A judge in the case recently reaffirmed a jury's verdict in her favor.

Tech companies facing age-related wrongful termination lawsuits

Many companies in California value older, more experienced employees, as they bring strong work ethic, valuable knowledge and skills to the table. Technology companies, however, have tended to embrace younger employees, whether due to corporate culture or because of particular skill sets. Because of this, many of the top technology companies in the U.S. are facing an increasing number of age-related wrongful termination lawsuits.

Exec sues E! for wrongful termination

When employees in California go through a debilitating illness, the last thing that most want to worry about is their job security. It may seem to be a given in today's professional workplace that when employees are required to go through necessary medical treatments, their employers will understand certain performance lapses and their job will be waiting for them when they can return to full time work. Recently, an article reported that an executive going through breast cancer treatment has sued E! News for wrongful termination after she was fired due to supposed lackluster performance.

Wrongful termination suit filed against Wells Fargo

A class-action lawsuit was recently filed against the bank Wells Fargo in California, alleging unjust firing. According to former Wells Fargo employees who filed the suit, they were terminated or mistreated in other ways if they did not meet strict bank sales quotas. This led many employees to open millions of bogus consumer accounts, which in turn led to investigations, lawsuits and fines from various federal and state authorities. Whenever a person is a victim of wrongful termination, he or she has the right to take legal action against his or her former employer.

What is constructive termination?

Most employers in California are diligent in their efforts to provide every employee with a working environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Unfortunately, there are times when a work environment becomes so intolerable that a worker feels the only course of action is to resign. This is called constructive termination.

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