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Fire engineer files wrongful termination lawsuit

When an employee in California or anywhere around the country discovers unethical or illegal practices in the workplace, there is often a sense of obligation to make authorities aware of the situation. Reporting unethical or illegal activities should be accomplished without fear or reprisal. However, an engineer for the Five Cities Fire Authority recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit when he was terminated after reporting several labor violations.

Woman files wrongful termination suit against health department

A woman who used to work at a health department in another state recently claimed that the department terminated her after she reported issues within the organization. She has thus decided to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against the department, seeking $50,000. Anyone in California who is unfairly fired from his or her job may likewise take legal action against his or her employer.

Wrongful termination suit filed against university settled

A man in another state was let go from his university athletic trainer job back in 2016 after he reportedly urinated in a whirlpool. The firing drove him to file a wrongful termination lawsuit, which was recently settled. Anyone in California who likewise experiences alleged wrongful termination has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

Former jail commander files wrongful termination claim

A previous jail commander in another state recently claimed that he suffered an unjust firing. He has thus filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer. Likewise, anyone in California who is wrongfully terminated has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

Wrongful termination lawsuit against school district settled

A former school district operations manager in another state claimed in a lawsuit that he was unfairly ousted from his school district. In response to this, the district recently decided to pay the man $175,000 to settle the wrongful termination lawsuit. Like the former school district operations manager, anyone in California who is wrongfully terminated from his or her job has the right to take legal action in an effort to right any wrong that has been committed.  

Wrongful termination lawsuit leads to $640K settlement

A previous assistant county manager in another state was terminated back in 2011 when a gift-related controversy erupted. However, he sued the county and recently settled his lawsuit for $640,000. Anyone in California who has suffered wrongful termination likewise may have recourse through the civil court system.

Former Assembly chief of staff files wrongful termination suit

Working for public officials carries a significant amount of responsibility and pressure, as the public is quick to respond whenever there are allegations of impropriety. There are times when an employee may point out behavior that he or she finds disconcerting and, as a result, he or she may find that they no longer have a position in what may be considered retaliation. Recently, one man filed a wrongful termination suit against the California Assembly and the legislator whom he served.

Former Lowe's employee files wrongful termination claim

Understandably, losing a job can have significant financial implications. When a job is lost as a result of discrimination, the experience can also be emotionally and psychologically traumatic. Discrimination in any form is wrong, but even in today's world, it still exists. In California and other states, laws are in place to protect workers from harassment and discrimination in the workplace. When an employee loses his or her job to discriminatory acts, a wrongful termination claim may be filed.

Honored firefighter files wrongful termination suit against city

Those who provide emergency services often do so under intense situations and place their own lives in danger. In spite of these sacrifices, these first responders are often city employees and are required to follow the regulations that govern how these workers operate. There may be conflict at times, and any California worker who believes that he or she may be a victim of a wrongful termination is entitled to seek justice.

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