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Have a payment dispute over overtime?

Working overtime is not something most people want to do, but they do it because their employers require it or they want the financial benefit that should come from it. The problem is, there are those in California who put in the work and then fail to get paid appropriately for their time. When in a payment dispute with one's employer about overtime, it is possible to get help addressing the matter.

AB5 will change employment classifications for some workers

How can a person work for a company but not be considered an employee? It happens all of the time, and it limits the non-employee's pay and benefits. It can even affect how much he or she has to pay in taxes. A bill currently being considered in California will change employment classifications of certain workers so they can start collecting fair pay and benefits packages, as well as potentially lower their tax liabilities.

Do interns have a right to employment compensation?

Whether working toward graduation or fresh out of college, experience is needed to get a good job to go along with a degree. In order to gain the necessary experience, students or new graduates pursue internship opportunities to grow their resumes. These internships can be great; however, some business owners in California may take advantage of the situation and end up with employees they do not have to pay. Employment compensation may be available to interns in such cases.

Numerous caregivers are receiving unfair employment compensation

There are many people living in California who have come here from other countries looking for a better life. Unfortunately, a lot of them find that they are not treated fairly in the workplace, particularly when it comes to their employment compensation. In recent years, numerous caregivers in the state have come forward with complaints of being victims of wage and hour violations. Some have won their cases, leaving their employers responsible for issuing back pay and having to pay fines for various workplace offenses.

Employment compensation has to live up to government standards

Numerous California residents probably feel that they are undervalued at work due to the poor level of compensation that they receive. Some of these individuals' employers are meeting government standards when it comes to paying staff, so there is not a lot they can do about it other than request pay raises. Then there are those whose employers are not providing employment compensation that lives up to government standards. When that happens, there is something the affected employees can do about it.

Company failed to provide adequate employment compensation

A Midwest-based tire company has been found to be in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to properly pay its employees. Best-One Tire, which has stores in 24 states -- California not included -- reportedly failed to pay over 1,000 employees overtime pay or paid them overtime rates lower than what the law requires. The company now has to pay those wages and make changes to how they will compensate employees going forward. While California residents may not be affected by this particular company, it is still a good read for anyone who believes that their employers are failing to provide adequate employment compensation.

Restaurant settles payment dispute

Employees and former employees of the Rangoon Ruby and Burmese Ruby restaurants will be receiving proper payment for the hours they worked thanks to a recent settlement reached in their wage violation case. A total of 298 employees filed the payment dispute a year ago and are happy with the final outcome. Other California residents whose employers have been shorting them pay may be able to take the same action that these employees did in an effort to seek compensation for their losses.

Have a payment dispute with your employer?

All hard-working California residents want to be compensated fairly for their time on the job. Unfortunately, some find that this does not always happen. If you find yourself in a payment dispute with your employer, legal counsel may be able to help you resolve the issue.

Getting back pay owed after a payment dispute

Despite the best efforts of the federal government and the state of California, some employers fail to compensate their employees, as they should. Even so, when a payment dispute arises, the appropriate government agencies can help an employee receive the overtime or other pay that is owed. Once a company is ordered to repay a worker, it may take some additional effort to obtain that back pay.

Payment dispute between publisher and former employee

One of the basic expectations of employees at California businesses or others around the country is that they will receive the correct wages for the time they work on their jobs. Whether workers are paid a fixed salary or by hours worked, employers are required by law to compensate them. When this does not happen, a payment dispute may arise. Recently, such a dispute occurred in another state between a publishing company and one of its former employees.

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