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For fair compensation, employment classification matters

A recent article was published about the misclassification of employees and how it is costing them fair compensation and benefits packages. When it comes to employment classification, workers in California will fall under one of the following categories: independent contractor, freelancer or employee. What is the difference, and why does it matter?

California employment discrimination: Pregnancy discrimination

Being pregnant is not necessarily considered a medical condition; it is natural. Unfortunately, for some women, medical conditions do arise as a result of their pregnancies. To make matters worse, some women experience employment discrimination at their places of work because of their pregnancies. When this happens, they may seek compensation for their losses by filing claims in a California civil court.

Seek help when in a dispute over pension and retirement benefits

After working for a company for a long time, when retirement rolls around, you expect the benefits promised you to be paid out. Unfortunately, many individuals in California and elsewhere find themselves in a dispute over their pension and retirement benefits. Sometimes, threatening litigation is the only way to resolve such an issue.

Court rules in favor of workers in pension employment dispute

Those who work for the public sector often do so based on the benefits that typically come with the position. Unfortunately, due to cost-saving efforts, many cities and towns have looked for ways to ensure that pensions and other retirement accounts can be funded through measures that reduce benefits. There have been many California workers over the years who have been caught up in an employment dispute related to reductions in these types of benefits.

Proposed legislation stirs employment dispute over pensions

One of the most popular incentives for those who seek positions in the public sector is the possibility of securing a reliable pension plan. Unfortunately, many states and companies are having difficulty meeting the demands that these retirement benefits place on stressed budgets. There have been many employment disputes concerning cuts to retirement plans involving California workers over recent years.

Teachers win protracted court case over employment contract issue

Those who elect to devote their careers to education often invest a great deal of time and emotional energy in exchange for a set wage. While the vast majority of teachers strive to provide a quality education to their students, employment contract issues often take both a financial and motivational toll. Many California educators have found themselves caught up in these types of disputes with their local government officials.

Public employees protest proposed changes to employment contract

For the past several years, states have had to try to cut budgets in order to ensure that public services can function in spite of purportedly decreased revenues. Unfortunately, many of those proposed budget cuts will affect those who work in the public sector, and this may include modifying an existing employment contract for many. However, any time these changes are proposed, workers here in California and elsewhere do have the right to seek an alternative remedy.

Judge rules in favor of former CEO in employment pension case

A judge recently ruled that an agreement between the former CEO and president of Mechanics Bank must be honored based on its original intent. The ruling settles a lawsuit that the former employer filed against the bank over an employment pension dispute. The bank, which operates multiple branches throughout California, had requested that the suit be dismissed last year for lack of merit.

Court affords miners first victory in ongoing employment dispute

In 1946, coal miners were guaranteed the right to have pension and health benefits for life. Throughout the intervening years, this right has been protected, though recent threats to that right have resulted in the union and miners being involved in a protracted employment dispute with the company that provides these benefits. While this particular battle does not primarily apply to California workers, the final decision could have an impact on future battles over benefits for other industries.

Government offices take sides in important employment matter

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was signed into law in 1974 and became effective in 1975. It set certain standards that employers must meet whenever they offer retirement plans to workers. There were exemptions built into the law and many religious organizations benefited from those allowances. However, the exemption may now be consistently applied to church-run hospitals. There are potentially thousands of workers in California who could be negatively affected by this crucial employment matter.

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