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EEOC files suit against airline services over employment dispute

In 1964, the federal government passed a law that requires employers to allow workers to retain firmly held religious practices as long as doing so does not create an undue burden on the employer. In light of that law, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission works to ensure that employees are not subjected to retaliation whenever they seek to invoke that right. California residents who believe that their rights have been violated may seek assistance to settle an employment dispute relating to the violation.

Judge allows Walmart employment discrimination suit to proceed

One of the most recognized names in retail is the mega-giant Walmart. In one state alone, it employs an estimated 50,000 employees, and, as such, it was recently described as being "at home" in that state, which then opens the door for an employment discrimination case to proceed in federal court. The outcome of this case could have an impact on workers in California and elsewhere.

Sexual harassment underreported according to EEOC claim reports

Sexual harassment has been classified as illegal under Title VII since 1986. Sadly, the vast majority of workers who experience this type of disturbing behavior on the job do not report it for fear of retaliation. California employees who believe they have been a victim of this type of discrimination are entitled to file an EEOC claim against the individuals deemed responsible.

Lawsuit over employee rights may impact California

A civil suit currently being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court could potentially have a significant impact for public employees in California and several other states. The suit is over employee rights and whether public workers such as teachers should be required to pay union dues or is this a violation of First Amendment rights. A similar suit filed a few years ago ended in a deadlock after the death of Justice Scalia.

Officer gets settlement; retirement for employment discrimination

An African-American police officer who has been employed by the same department for approximately 29 years is now being forced into retirement as part of a settlement agreement. The man filed an employment discrimination lawsuit concerning racial slurs against the internal affairs division of the city's police force. Though this dispute did not occur in California, this type of discrimination is not limited to any one geographical area.

EEOC claim over veteran's discrimination headed to court

In the past, those who served their country and returned with emotional distress from their experiences were often left to try and cope with their issues on their own. Now, there have been many improvements in how these veterans are assisted, which may include the use of therapy animals. There are many California employers who recognize the value of these animals and are making accommodations for workers who need them since not doing so could lead to an EEOC claim over possible discrimination.

EEOC claim process updated for easier access for workers

Recently, the media sources have been deluged with stories concerning high-profile individuals who have been accused of committing various types of sexual harassment. Earlier in November, the EEOC announced that it had introduced a new website that may make it easier for California workers to report harassment on the job. Though the move was unrelated to the current spate of reports concerning inappropriate behaviors, the new process may encourage victims to file an EEOC claim in the event they have faced discrimination or harassment on the job.

Several courts divided on employment dispute with Uber drivers

The growth of ride-sharing apps has been a boon for some and a source of confusion for others. There have been several recent court battles, including here in California, concerning separate employment dispute lawsuits that have been filed against Uber. The growing popularity of these types of sharing applications may be negatively impacted once this dispute is eventually settled.

Supreme Court to hear case that could impact some employee rights

The U.S. Supreme Court recently reconvened and will hear a potentially pivotal case that has been the subject of a major employment dispute. It is feared that the outcome could have a serious impact on one aspect of employee rights. This case could affect millions of workers here in California and nationwide.

Complaints over racial discrimination result in EEOC claim

Every employee is entitled to a discrimination-free workplace regardless of one's race, creed or marital status. If an employee feels that a fellow worker or employer has violated these rights in any way, he or she is entitled to file an EEOC claim in order to seek a remedy to the unsettling situation. California workers are assured of their rights to pursue an agreeable resolution through any methods available to them.

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