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California woman wins EEOC claim

When an individual has a disability, his or her employer is required to allow accommodations for that disability. Refusal to do so goes against the American with Disabilities Act. Firing an employee because he or she requested certain accommodations is also not okay. Any California resident who has been wrongfully terminated or refused disability accommodations may file an EEOC claim to seek compensation for his or her losses.

Man experiences employment discrimination in interview

California laws and federal laws protect employees from unfair and discriminatory treatment in the workplace and in any hiring practices. Unfortunately, inappropriate treatment still happens, as demonstrated by a recent complaint from a California employee of Samsung. This worker claims he experienced employment discrimination on the basis of his religion when interviewing for a position.

Employment discrimination: Is IBM targeting older employees?

Employees who have been with companies for a long period of time should feel valued by their employers. Their on-the-job experience and knowledge should be considered as assets. Unfortunately, there are some workers in California and elsewhere in the country who believe their ages have made them the victims of a type of employment discrimination. Age discrimination lawsuits have been filed when it is suspected that older employees are losing their jobs to younger workers.

Employment discrimination rising over parental leave policies

For couples in California and elsewhere around the country, becoming a parent is a major life event. While celebrating a birth or adoption and adjusting to life with a newborn, working parents have to concern themselves with leave policies at their places of employment. While companies have always varied widely on the amount of leave provided, societal changes have now sparked debate on how policies are actually administered. In fact, accusations of employment discrimination are occurring more frequently as traditional stereotypes of caregiving are challenged.

Employment discrimination suit filed against health system

A man in another state recently claimed that he was mistreated at work on the basis of his age. He has therefore filed a lawsuit against his former employer, a health system. Likewise, any employees in California who believe that they have experienced age-based employment discrimination can seek justice through the civil court system.

Employment discrimination suit filed against media company

A man recently claimed that a progressive media and news company for which he used to work discriminated against him due to his being black. As a result, the man has filed a lawsuit against the company, called The Young Turks. Anyone in California who experiences this type of employment discrimination can likewise take legal action against their employers.

Employment discrimination suit filed against Volkswagen

An employee in another state recently claimed that he was discriminated against on the basis of his age. He has thus filed a lawsuit against his employer, Volkswagen. Any employee who experiences employment discrimination in California can likewise seek justice through the civil court system.

Former assistant track coach files employment discrimination suit

A former assistant track coach at a university in another state recently claimed that he was discriminated against on the basis of race. The man, who is African American, has thus decided to file a lawsuit against multiple parties, including the university curator board, track head coach and the head coach's supervisor. Anyone in California who experiences employment discrimination likewise has the right to seek justice in civil court.

EEOC files suit against airline services over employment dispute

In 1964, the federal government passed a law that requires employers to allow workers to retain firmly held religious practices as long as doing so does not create an undue burden on the employer. In light of that law, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission works to ensure that employees are not subjected to retaliation whenever they seek to invoke that right. California residents who believe that their rights have been violated may seek assistance to settle an employment dispute relating to the violation.

Judge allows Walmart employment discrimination suit to proceed

One of the most recognized names in retail is the mega-giant Walmart. In one state alone, it employs an estimated 50,000 employees, and, as such, it was recently described as being "at home" in that state, which then opens the door for an employment discrimination case to proceed in federal court. The outcome of this case could have an impact on workers in California and elsewhere.

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