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Emergency responders out in the cold with no employment contracts

One of the most overlooked benefits of living in a larger city or town is the public service amenities, including those provided by first responders. While no one can deny the valuable service that these dedicated individuals provide, these workers may feel unappreciated when they are left out in the cold with no current employment contracts in force. It is not unusual for California towns to attempt to negotiate the terms of these contracts, but the providers may feel undervalued when they feel forced to provide care for residents without having a valid agreement in place.

City attempts to help end employment contract dispute for workers

Often, when two sides are having a difficult time reaching a mutually satisfying agreement, a mediator may get involved in order settle some of the differences. While not every employment contract dispute requires such intervention, it can help both parties understand the situation from a different perspective. There are times when California workers may require assistance from other professionals in order to resolve some protracted disputes.

Public supports teachers in employment contract dispute

Any time workers are treated unfairly or denied just pay for providing agreed-upon services, they have a right to seek better working conditions. In many situations, California employees may find themselves in the midst of an employment contract dispute that requires them to go on strike or take other measures to get their point across. As long as the laws are followed, these actions can be an effective bargaining tool, though there are times when workers may need to pursue other avenues for relief.

Union workers prepare to strike after employment contract dispute

Unions first came into existence as a way to ensure that workers' rights were protected. These organizations still serve a vital purpose, especially in situations where workers and employers are unable to reach an accord during an employment contract dispute. These unions work hard to ensure that employees are not forced to concede key points when its time for contracts to be renewed. It is likely that many California workers have been well represented by their unions in these circumstances. 

Steelworkers claim need for better employment contracts

In many sectors, the job market struggled to rebound from the recession that hit several years ago. At that time, workers often were forced to accept less than ideal employment contracts in order to continue to bring home a paycheck. However, many industries have seen a resurgence in production, and as such, workers here in California and elsewhere may now have more reasons to seek better terms in upcoming contract renewals.

Nurses strike after impasse in employment contract dispute

Nurses are on the front lines of patient care. They often work long hours under hectic conditions, which is why many of them seek protection for their rights under a union. However, even with the assistance of these unions, not every employment contract dispute is easily resolved, as many California workers can attest.

California town takes employment contract dispute public

In many ways, teachers, school boards and parents are equal partners in the education of a city's youth. When a decision is made to air an employment contract dispute out in the open, then that partnership could be damaged. Recently, one California city made this decision.

Definition of employment contracts and what constitutes a breach

There are specific laws that dictate who is to be considered an employee and how that relationship is to be regulated. Additionally, there are also degrees of what can be considered breaches of those employment contracts. If a California worker believes that he or she has been a victim of a breach on the part of an employer, he or she does have the right to seek a remedy.

Passengers grounded in the middle of employment contract dispute

The majority of the time, when an employee and a company cannot come to terms, no one outside of the conflict is impacted. However, there are situations when California residents are directly affected by the fallout of an employment contract dispute. Such may be the case in the current disagreement between pilots and Spirit Airlines.

Emergency dispatchers caught up in employment contract dispute

One of the worst outcomes imaginable could result if a person experiencing a true emergency isn't able to reach help when calling 9-1-1. However, when these critical employees are caught up in an employment contract dispute, this could possibly happen if no one is left to answer these pleas for assistance. Every county in California, as well as every other state, has a center that employs these dedicated workers.

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