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Implied contracts, are they enforceable?

The business world thrives on contracts. These legal documents keep everyone on the same page and are there to hold people accountable when they breach contract terms. However, not all contracts are written down or agreed to verbally. Some are implied. Are implied contracts enforceable in the state of California?

Employment contracts and the issue of surveillance

Many employers in California make it a point to let their employees know they will be tracking them. They can do this in several ways, all of which are legal. The details of how they do this is often included in employment contracts in order to document that employees have been adequately warned. When an employer goes beyond agreed-upon surveillance methods or uses any information gained by tracking employees to discriminate in any way, employees or former employees may utilize legal means to hold the responsible party accountable for these actions and seek compensation for any resulting losses.

Factors that invalidate employment contracts

Contracts are the backbone of a successful business. A solid contract with partners, clients, vendors and others can provide a strong defense when disputes arise. California employment contracts offer protection for both the employer and the worker, clarifying the expectations and responsibilities of both parties. However, there are certain factors that can render a contract void or invalid.

Employment contract dispute: Video game workers want a union

Employees across industries in California want to trust that their company has their best interests in mind. They understand that turning a profit is part of any business, although there are certain industries where workers feel coerced into working overtime with no extra pay. The video game development industry is reportedly a perfect example of this. One large company, Riot Games, is now facing an employment contract dispute over what former employees say was unfair treatment, and workers are wondering if unionizing will prevent this kind of abuse of power.

Utilizing ADR methods to resolve an employment contract dispute

California residents often put up with a lot for the sake of their careers. If asked to sign an employment contract, down the line you may find yourself needing to get out of it or dealing with a breach of contract issue -- among other things. You may think that litigation is in your future, but when dealing with an employment contract dispute, alternative methods to resolve it may be available to you.

Is an oral contract legally binding?

Written contracts exist so that there is physical proof, a record of what two or more parties agreed to at signing. For example, when starting a new job or modifying one's current position, terms for employment will be set and documented in a written contract. When discussing the contract, though, oral agreements may be made, and those agreements generally become a part of the contract -- even if they are never written down. Are oral contracts legally binding in the state of California?

What should employment contracts cover?

Numerous employers in the state of California utilize contracts when hiring staff. These contracts should lay out exactly what is to be expected from both the employer and employee. Solid employment contracts should be pretty detailed. There is some key information that, if not included in one's contract, one may want to request be added before signing anything.

Employment contracts: Do you have to sign a noncompete agreement?

You found the perfect job. Your interview went well and you are ready to get started, but then it happened. Before you can officially be hired, however, you are told you need to sign certain employment contracts, including a noncompete agreement. Do you really have to sign it? Do you and other California residents in your same position have a say in the matter?

Things to know about employment contracts

Employers in California and elsewhere depend on contracts to keep their companies running smoothly and to help avoid litigation. Some business owners require their employees to sign employment contracts, while others prefer to use employment agreements that are simply implied. What is the difference?

New physicians should consider these tips in employment contracts

After spending years in college, going through an internship and finally becoming a full-fledged physician, new San Jose doctors may begin job hunting. Accepting an offer is usually just the first step in getting hired. More than likely, new physicians will end up negotiating their first employment contracts and need help doing so.

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