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Does the EEOC take age discrimination claims seriously?

According to United States employment law, age is one of those things on which employers are not supposed to base their hiring, firing and promotion decisions. Unfortunately, every year, thousands of people find themselves victims of age discrimination -- many of whom may live in California. Is this an issue that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is taking seriously?

According to a recently published article, it looks like the EEOC is just now starting to take on more age discrimination cases. There has not been a shortage of these claims over the years. The EEOC reportedly receives roughly 20,000 complaints concerning age discrimination annually. However, the number of claims that it has decided to pursue legal action against has been minimal. For example, in 2016, it only filed two age discrimination lawsuits.

The EEOC's stance on age discrimination may be changing. In September 2019, it filed four lawsuits regarding this issue, settled one case and won another. It is only a small drop in the bucket compared to the number of complaints the EEOC receives every year, but it is a step in the right direction.

Age discrimination cases can be difficult to fight. Employers are not going to list age as a reason for refusing to hire or promote a person. They most certainly are not going to document it as a reason for an individual's termination. However, employer actions and words, rather than what has been put in writing, can be used against them if age discrimination is suspected. California residents who believe that they are victims of this form of discrimination have the right to seek help filing the appropriate claims with the EEOC and, if applicable, filing civil suits against those responsible for any damages they have sustained as a result of this type of discrimination.

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