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Settlement reached in disability discrimination lawsuit

According to federal laws, employees in California and elsewhere have every right to take time off work for specific family and medical reasons. The Family and Medical Leave Act allows a person so many weeks of unpaid leave in a 12-month period. How much time one is allowed to take depends on the circumstances behind the leave request. In another state, several employees filed a complaint against their former employer, stating they were the victims of disability discrimination after being fired at the end of their FMLA time off. This case was recently settled.

According to a news report, five former employees of Connections Community Support Programs filed a lawsuit against the company in 2017 after they were let go from their positions. One of the plaintiffs says she took time off because of a work-related injury. Another required leave while she was fighting ovarian cancer. The reasons behind the other employees' needed time off were not reported.

Connections does not admit fault or wrongdoing in this case. The CEO of the company publicly stated that she disagrees with the allegations in this case. However, rather than spend any more money fighting this case, she opted to settle to the tune of $550,000. The company also plans to take steps to stay in line with the protections offered to employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act. A confidentiality agreement protects the exact terms of the settlement.

The way this disability discrimination lawsuit eventually came to a close is fairly common. Many companies wish to avoid lengthy litigation. In some cases, settling is the right way to go, and in others, litigation may be necessary or even the better option. California residents who believe that they are the victims of disability discrimination in the workplace may, like the plaintiffs discussed above, take action in order to seek relief and justice. Legal counsel can review one's case and help one take steps to resolve the matter.

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