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Burger King sued for disability discrimination

An individual in another state recently sued Burger King for withdrawing an offer of employment due to his disability. He won this fight, and the company has been ordered to pay him monetary damages, as well as ensure that their human resources department is up to date with accommodations allowed to disabled persons, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disability discrimination is no joke, and anyone in California or elsewhere who believes that they are victims of it may, like this gentleman, take legal action against those responsible. 

According to the plaintiff's claim, he was offered a job as a bathroom and dining room attendant. When he requested to have a job coach with him during his shifts, his offer of employment was withdrawn. The job coach would not have cost the company a penny. It is unclear why this request, which is deemed a reasonable accommodation according to the ADA, cost him his job. 

Legal claims in regard to this issue were filed against Burger King in July 2018. A settlement in this case was just reached, a little over a year after the filing. The victim will be walking away from all of this with $30,000 and the knowledge that Burger King will be watched closely for such disability discrimination in the future. 

Discrimination cases can take a while to resolve. Some may be settled, like the one discussed above, while others may end up going to trial. Either way, the waiting for a resolution can be difficult for victims to take. California residents who believe that they are the victims of disability discrimination can turn to an experienced employment law attorney in order to determine if pursuing compensation through legal means is appropriate for their situations. If it is, legal counsel will work tirelessly to help the client seek maximum relief in a timely manner. 

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