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What qualifies as workplace harassment?

All California residents who are employed -- no matter their field of employment -- should be able to do their jobs in environments that are free from harassment. Unfortunately, workplace harassment is a very real thing and something that many people put up with every single day. Those who do may have the right to take legal action against those responsible for the harassment and those who failed to do anything about it.

Burger King sued for disability discrimination

An individual in another state recently sued Burger King for withdrawing an offer of employment due to his disability. He won this fight, and the company has been ordered to pay him monetary damages, as well as ensure that their human resources department is up to date with accommodations allowed to disabled persons, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disability discrimination is no joke, and anyone in California or elsewhere who believes that they are victims of it may, like this gentleman, take legal action against those responsible. 

Not all wrongful termination cases make it to court

Anyone who has been fired from a job has every right to question the legality of his or her situation. The wrongful termination of employees happens far too often, and it is certainly something that should not be allowed to stand. Some believe that they have been let go from their employers unfairly, but they do not want to take the issue to court if they do not have to. The good news is wrongful termination cases in California and elsewhere do not always end up going to trial. 

AB5 will change employment classifications for some workers

How can a person work for a company but not be considered an employee? It happens all of the time, and it limits the non-employee's pay and benefits. It can even affect how much he or she has to pay in taxes. A bill currently being considered in California will change employment classifications of certain workers so they can start collecting fair pay and benefits packages, as well as potentially lower their tax liabilities.

Harassment and discrimination behind recently filed lawsuit

A woman who has worked for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for decades has recently filed a lawsuit against the DWP and four of her co-workers. She claims she has long been subjected to discrimination, harassment and retaliation because of her religion. Per federal and California fair employment laws, this individual is well within her rights to seek relief and compensation for any losses resulting from such behavior -- as is anyone else who has been dealing with similar issues.

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