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Employment contracts and the issue of surveillance

Many employers in California make it a point to let their employees know they will be tracking them. They can do this in several ways, all of which are legal. The details of how they do this is often included in employment contracts in order to document that employees have been adequately warned. When an employer goes beyond agreed-upon surveillance methods or uses any information gained by tracking employees to discriminate in any way, employees or former employees may utilize legal means to hold the responsible party accountable for these actions and seek compensation for any resulting losses.

Natural-hair discrimination banned in California

When looking through employee guidelines, it is common to find information about what kind of hairstyles are permitted in the workplace. Long have employees been told to change their natural hair to fit a specific mold. In California, natural hair discrimination is no longer allowed. 

Factors that invalidate employment contracts

Contracts are the backbone of a successful business. A solid contract with partners, clients, vendors and others can provide a strong defense when disputes arise. California employment contracts offer protection for both the employer and the worker, clarifying the expectations and responsibilities of both parties. However, there are certain factors that can render a contract void or invalid.

California special ed director settles wrongful termination claim

All students within a school district deserve to receive a quality education. Students with special needs often need accommodations in place to ensure that are able to work toward success. To ensure that districts are in compliance with state and federal laws regarding special education students, they will often hire personnel to help. Unfortunately, the former special education director of a California school district recently settled a wrongful termination claim, arguing that conflict developed between her and her superiors over compliance issues.

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