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Mattel facing wrongful termination and age discrimination claims

When fired from a job, it is normal and okay to question the reason behind it. If something about it seems off or not entirely legal, one might be able to take specific actions with the hopes of seeking compensation for any resulting losses. Recently, a California man did just that when he filed wrongful termination and age discrimination claims -- among others -- against Mattel.

According to reports, a 71-year-old male filed claims against his former employer after he, at the age of 70, was written up and fired. He had worked for Mattel since 1968 and, until his few months with the company, had never been in trouble or caused trouble while on the job. In March 2018, Mattel began a round of layoffs. Those let go from the company, the plaintiff claims, were all on the older side.

When the layoffs began, this gentleman went from having good employment reviews to being accused of sexual harassment. He was fired a few months later. He and his legal counsel say that the accusations against him are baseless and have caused him to suffer in several ways. He is seeking unspecified damages for his losses.

There are many times when employers are well within their rights to fire their employees. However, when there are questionable circumstances surrounding one's firing, there is no harm in questioning whether one is a victim of wrongful termination. California residents who believe that they are may, like the individual discussed above, turn to legal counsel for assistance seeking compensation for their resulting losses.

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