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Do interns have a right to employment compensation?

Whether working toward graduation or fresh out of college, experience is needed to get a good job to go along with a degree. In order to gain the necessary experience, students or new graduates pursue internship opportunities to grow their resumes. These internships can be great; however, some business owners in California may take advantage of the situation and end up with employees they do not have to pay. Employment compensation may be available to interns in such cases.

When an EEOC claim gets tossed aside

Those who work in the state of California want to be treated fairly while on the job. When that does not happen, they want to believe that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will have their backs. According to a recently published article, that does not seem to be the case. What can one do when his or her EEOC claim gets tossed aside?

Mattel facing wrongful termination and age discrimination claims

When fired from a job, it is normal and okay to question the reason behind it. If something about it seems off or not entirely legal, one might be able to take specific actions with the hopes of seeking compensation for any resulting losses. Recently, a California man did just that when he filed wrongful termination and age discrimination claims -- among others -- against Mattel.

Wrongful termination: Arbitration and court involvement

When California residents think about arbitration, the words "court involvement" do not typically come to mind. Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method, meant to keep cases from being litigated. Recently, though, a case in another state has made headlines as a federal judge is asking for arbitration updates in a wrongful termination case.

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