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Woman wants her employment discrimination case to go to trial

Many women in California and around the country find themselves being passed over for promotions at work because they have children, while men -- also with children -- are given the positions that their female counterparts are more qualified to take. Despite advancements women have made to be treated fairly, gender-related employment discrimination is, unfortunately, very real and still a big issue today. In fact, a story was recently published about a woman who worked for PayPal for almost 12 years before being fired after filing a discrimination complaint with her employer. She believes that she is a victim of gender discrimination and has filed a lawsuit against PayPal.

According to a report, in 2017, the woman inquired about a new position that would require her to travel out of the country quite frequently. She wanted the position because she had worked on the startup of this particular project years prior and had no issue with the travel requirement. The vice president she talked to allegedly said she would be a good fit for the position. Ultimately, though, she was never interviewed for the job. Instead, it went to a male co-worker -- someone she hired and trained -- who had less experience and time with the company,and also had a young child at home with plans to expand his family.

In July 2017, the woman filed a discrimination complaint with the human resources department. Between July and December, her once-glowing employee record was quickly filled with complaints of acts of insubordination. She was fired by the end of the year, a week and a half before her restricted stock units were scheduled to vest and weeks before she was set to receive a bonus and more stock units.

PayPal has its employees sign arbitration agreements upon hiring. This is pretty standard in the tech business. Unfortunately, arbitration does not hold employers accountable when employment discrimination is an issue. California residents, like this woman, who believe that they are victims of discrimination and have been wrongfully terminated because of it can seek assistance when wishing to pursue discrimination cases and seek fair and full compensation for their losses.

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