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Utilizing ADR methods to resolve an employment contract dispute

California residents often put up with a lot for the sake of their careers. If asked to sign an employment contract, down the line you may find yourself needing to get out of it or dealing with a breach of contract issue -- among other things. You may think that litigation is in your future, but when dealing with an employment contract dispute, alternative methods to resolve it may be available to you.

Alternative dispute resolution methods exist to keep certain matters out of court. Sometimes, talking things out or having a neutral third party weigh in on the situation is all that is needed to reach a resolution quickly and quietly. Two of the most commonly used ADR methods are mediation and arbitration. Mediation involves negotiating settlement terms with the assistance of a mediator. Arbitration, on the other hand, is basically an informal trial process where each party presents his or her case and an arbitrator issues a ruling.

ADR methods are preferred when settling certain employment-related legal issues. Why? The cost and time savings can be good for everyone. However, sometimes litigation is the only way to get results, and if that happens to be what is necessary to resolve your contract dispute, that is okay.

If an employment contract dispute is an issue for you, you do not have to fight your battle alone. You have the right to have someone on your side fighting to protect your best interests -- regardless of whether that happens in or out of a courtroom. To learn more about the various ways California residents can resolve employment contract disputes, please take a moment and visit our firm's website.

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