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Numerous caregivers are receiving unfair employment compensation

There are many people living in California who have come here from other countries looking for a better life. Unfortunately, a lot of them find that they are not treated fairly in the workplace, particularly when it comes to their employment compensation. In recent years, numerous caregivers in the state have come forward with complaints of being victims of wage and hour violations. Some have won their cases, leaving their employers responsible for issuing back pay and having to pay fines for various workplace offenses.

According to a recently released article, many caregivers at nursing homes and other care facilities are only receiving, on average, $2 an hour -- far below the federal minimum. Most of them are required to work well over the traditional 40 hour work week. Some of them have to pay their employers lodging fees, and there are those who are also responsible for paying their substitutes if they wish to have a day off.

How do owners of these facilities get away with this? Individuals who are not citizens often feel that they have no right to complain. This is the only reason these employers get away with such behavior for so long. The truth is, employers are to be held to a certain standard. They must abide by labor laws, regardless if their employees are citizens.

Citizen or noncitizen, California residents who are the victims of unfair employment compensation and/or hour violations can seek to hold their employers accountable for their actions. They can also seek monetary relief for the lack of fair compensation. Those who think they have a case for compensation can turn to legal counsel for a case review and guidance on next steps.

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