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Employment compensation has to live up to government standards

Numerous California residents probably feel that they are undervalued at work due to the poor level of compensation that they receive. Some of these individuals' employers are meeting government standards when it comes to paying staff, so there is not a lot they can do about it other than request pay raises. Then there are those whose employers are not providing employment compensation that lives up to government standards. When that happens, there is something the affected employees can do about it.

Recently, it was reported that a restaurant in another state was found in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act for failing to keep adequate records of employee hours worked. Restaurant owners were also found to be paying staff well below the federal minimum wage requirement. The employer has since been ordered to pay eight employees back pay to the tune of nearly $80,000.

Employers who are not compensating employees properly will only be investigated if someone speaks up about the wrongdoing. An official complaint has to be filed with the U.S. Department of Labor before it can begin its investigation into the matter. Those who are not sure if they should file complaints or who are unsure of how to do it can turn to an experienced employment law attorney for guidance.

Investigations completed by the DOL in regard to wage violations can, in some cases, result in employers paying fines and back wages. California residents can go even further and file civil claims against their current or former employers in an effort to seek increased compensation for any losses resulting from the lack of fair employment compensation. Taking legal action against an employer can be intimidating, but under the right circumstances and with the right assistance doing so may have positive results.

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