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Former charter school employee alleges wrongful termination

People depend on their jobs for their livelihood. They trust that the people they work for will conduct themselves professionally, in a manner consistent with basic ethical standards. However, that does not always occur, and some employees may feel that it is their duty to raise an alarm on any situation that seems concerning. If an employer decides to fire an employee for that reason, it may be considered wrongful termination. This is what one former administrative assistant to a charter school here in California alleges happened to her.

The lawsuit filed by the former employee alleges that she was wrongfully terminated for investigating an unlawful grade change. The suit asserts that the executive director of a charter school behaved unethically in several ways, including changing the grades of her own daughter. The suit also claims the director hired her other daughter to teach, despite not being qualified to do so, and paid her a salary that wasn't consistent with salaries of comparable employees. In addition, the plaintiff also alleges that the director had an affair with a vice president of the corporation over the charter school.

The plaintiff says that she was put on administrative leave and fired 10 days after reaching out to the school registrar in an attempt to determine if any grades were indeed altered. The civil claim alleges that the director violated the California Labor Code, intentionally inflicted emotional distress and wrongfully terminated the administrative assistant. Other lawsuits have been filed against this particular school that were settled before going to trial.

No matter the outcome of this particular case, employees should never fear retaliation for doing what they believe is right. Those who think they may have experienced wrongful termination may wish to speak with an attorney to determine their rights. A civil claim may result in monetary damages that can compensate for the loss of income, emotional distress and other financial losses.

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