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Discrimination claims filed against UPS

Several workers at a UPS warehouse in another state have filed legal claims against the company for its failure to take action when reports of racial abuse were made. Discrimination in any of its forms is unacceptable in any work environment here in California or elsewhere. All employees have the right to enjoy an employment experience free from harassment and abuse. The accusations made in this particular case are quite disturbing. Anyone experiencing the same thing should know that it is not something that they have to live with.

According to a recently published article, 19 UPS employees of color who work at a distribution center in the Midwest claim that for years they have been subjected to racial abuse in the workplace. The abuse consisted of questionable emails and texts being sent, offhanded comments being made, decorating workstations with monkeys dressed in UPS attire or nooses, and white employees refusing to deliver to predominately black neighborhoods -- among numerous other things. Management at the facility reportedly did nothing to stop the abuse.

When the complaints finally reached higher-ups in UPS, the company says that these claims have been investigated and changes have been made at this particular depot. The 19 affected employees are still seeking compensation for the years of abuse. Legal counsel for these individuals is seeking a minimum of $25,000 in damages for each employee, plus legal costs.

Those individuals in California who believe that they are victims of discrimination at their places of work may feel there is little they can do about it. That is far from the truth. With the assistance of legal counsel, it is possible to hold employers accountable for what is going on and seek compensation for any resulting damages.

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