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Former firefighter recruit wins wrongful termination case

A former firefighter recruit in the San Diego area lost her place in the Fire Academy after she complained about discrimination and harassment. She filed a wrongful termination and discrimination suit shortly after and just recently won her case. Other California residents who find themselves in similar situations at their places of work may follow in her footsteps and seek compensation for their losses as well.

According to a recent report, the 32-year-old female began her training at the Fire Academy in 2015. She was one of three girls in the class of 36. She claims that she was forced to share a locker room with the male recruits, and that the men often made lewd comments and hung inappropriate pictures on the walls, and sent them to her via email and social media.

After she reported the issues, the academy changed one of its requirements that recruits must complete to pass the class and move on. As she was unable to meet the new requirement, she was fired. That requirement has since been taken off the books. After a careful review of the case, the San Diego City Council agreed to settle the matter to the tune of $275,000.

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace are not okay. Being fired for reporting it is not okay. This successfully executed claim shows that those responsible for allowing such behavior to take place in a work environment can be held accountable for their actions. California residents who feel that they are the victims of wrongful termination, discrimination and/or harassment can speak to legal counsel about what civil actions they can take in an effort to seek damages.

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