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Was racial discrimination behind termination of officers?

Everyone wants to be treated fairly in their work environment. Unfortunately, many California residents find that this does not happen for one reason or another. In 2016, five Inglewood police officers were fired from their jobs after shooting a couple. These officers have recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that racial discrimination was behind their termination.

These five officers were among several policemen who responded to a call about a couple sitting in a car that was parked in the middle of the road. The couple was unresponsive and the female in the passenger seat had a loaded semiautomatic gun sitting on her lap. For 40 minutes officers tried to wake the couple. When they finally did come to, the driver attempted to flee but was unsuccessful.

The driver is said to have reached for the gun first. One officer shot him and he later died. The woman then reached for the gun and five officers opened fire. She died at the scene.

All five officers were immediately placed on leave and then fired over a year later. Their commanding officers who were also at the scene were able to keep their jobs. The terminated officers are all white and their commanding officers are Latino.

This was certainly a tense situation, one that no police officer wants to be in. These five officers claim they were following the orders of their commanding officers and shot only when they felt they would be fired upon. They do not think it right that they lost their jobs but their commanding officers did not, which is why they are pursuing their wrongful termination claims. Proving termination was racially motivated can be tough, but it does not mean it is impossible. California residents who, like these men, believe their race contributed to their firings can turn to legal counsel in order to determine if pursuing legal claims is appropriate for their circumstances.

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