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Want to file an EEOC claim? Here's how to get it done

California residents who feel that they are victims of discrimination at their places of work may believe that the best thing they can do is find somewhere else to work. No one should have to stick around that kind of environment. While moving on certainly is an option, so is holding one's employer accountable for what is going on in one's company. Anyone who wishes to do this may file an EEOC claim and an accompanying civil suit.

What is an EEOC claim? It is a complaint filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The role of this government agency is to protect workers from unfair treatment in the workplace.

Those who are considering taking legal action against their employers for discrimination in the workplace must first file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC. This charge must be filed within a certain time frame, or one may lose the ability to pursue legal action. Legal counsel can provide specifics on how long one has to file a claim.

There are a few ways to file an EEOC claim. All of them work; the way one goes about it really comes down to personal preference. To file, one can:

  • Submit a form online
  • Go to an EEOC office in person
  • Submit a form by mail
  • Call an EEOC office to start the process
  • Go to a local Fair Employment Practice Agency

Once an EEOC claim is filed, as long as it is filed on time and the paperwork is properly signed, the agency has an obligation to investigate the matter. While the EEOC investigates the claim, the victim may simultaneously pursue civil actions against his or her employer. An experienced employment law attorney can help California residents, who believe that they are victims of discrimination in the workplace, file their EEOC claims and seek compensation for any damages sustained, if doing so is deemed appropriate.

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