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Restaurant settles payment dispute

Employees and former employees of the Rangoon Ruby and Burmese Ruby restaurants will be receiving proper payment for the hours they worked thanks to a recent settlement reached in their wage violation case. A total of 298 employees filed the payment dispute a year ago and are happy with the final outcome. Other California residents whose employers have been shorting them pay may be able to take the same action that these employees did in an effort to seek compensation for their losses.

Want to file an EEOC claim? Here's how to get it done

California residents who feel that they are victims of discrimination at their places of work may believe that the best thing they can do is find somewhere else to work. No one should have to stick around that kind of environment. While moving on certainly is an option, so is holding one's employer accountable for what is going on in one's company. Anyone who wishes to do this may file an EEOC claim and an accompanying civil suit.

Things to know about employment contracts

Employers in California and elsewhere depend on contracts to keep their companies running smoothly and to help avoid litigation. Some business owners require their employees to sign employment contracts, while others prefer to use employment agreements that are simply implied. What is the difference?

California employment discrimination: Pregnancy discrimination

Being pregnant is not necessarily considered a medical condition; it is natural. Unfortunately, for some women, medical conditions do arise as a result of their pregnancies. To make matters worse, some women experience employment discrimination at their places of work because of their pregnancies. When this happens, they may seek compensation for their losses by filing claims in a California civil court.

Was racial discrimination behind termination of officers?

Everyone wants to be treated fairly in their work environment. Unfortunately, many California residents find that this does not happen for one reason or another. In 2016, five Inglewood police officers were fired from their jobs after shooting a couple. These officers have recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that racial discrimination was behind their termination.

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