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Hospital accused of wrongful termination, discrimination

There is nothing easy about being a nurse at a hospital. The hours are long, the number of patients assigned to each nurse can be overwhelming and the staff issues that arise can be a lot to deal with. Recently, one hospital in California has come under fire after two of its former nurses filed wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuits against the facility. If there is any validity to what these nurses are claiming occurred at this establishment, they may be able to successfully recover monetary damages.

According to a recent report, in January of this year, 13 labor and delivery nurses wrote letters to supervisors complaining about racial tension among the staff. The group claimed that they were treated unfairly, were often belittled and insulted, and were even segregated because of their race. Even after so many nurses complained, the hospital allegedly failed to investigate this group's claims.

Two of the nurses in the group who complained were ultimately fired from their jobs. They believe that race had everything to do with it. In their legal complaint, they assert that nurses of color were often given poor performance reviews and denied opportunities to move into supervisory and management roles. It is unclear if the Huntington Memorial Hospital has responded to the plaintiffs' claims.

No employee  in California or elsewhere who is experiencing discrimination in the workplace should fear losing his or her job by bringing the issue up with management. When claims of discrimination are made, employers have a responsibility to investigate and put an end to it. If that does not happen and those who complained about it are fired, they may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses by filing wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuits against their employers -- just as the nurses mentioned above have done. With the guidance of legal counsel and through negotiations or litigation, victims of wrongful termination and discrimination may achieve monetary relief.

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