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Was age discrimination behind your wrongful termination?

Many employers in California and across the country are looking for younger individuals to come in and take jobs. This does not mean that they have the right to push older employees out unless there is a good reason to let them go. Those who believe that age discrimination contributed to their firings may file both discrimination and wrongful termination claims against their former employers.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects individuals aged 40 and older from age discrimination in the workplace. This law applies to private and government employees. This law also applies to employers who have at least 20 employees in their service and labor organizations with a minimum of 25 members.

Figuring out if age discrimination was behind one's firing may be somewhat difficult. Most employers are not going to come out and say age was the reason for termination. Those who wish to consider filing lawsuits against employers for age discrimination and wrongful termination will need to look at their own situations and how the company treats certain age groups in general in order to determine if discrimination contributed to their firings. An experienced employment law attorney will know where to look for the information needed.

Individuals who work in California are guaranteed certain protections in the workplace. Those who were fired because of their age may have legal recourse. An employment law attorney can review the finer details of one's case and, if deemed appropriate, file age discrimination and wrongful termination claims in civil court. Many times such cases settle before they make it to trial, but if litigation proves necessary, having strong legal counsel on one's side will prove to be a valuable asset.

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