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New physicians should consider these tips in employment contracts

After spending years in college, going through an internship and finally becoming a full-fledged physician, new San Jose doctors may begin job hunting. Accepting an offer is usually just the first step in getting hired. More than likely, new physicians will end up negotiating their first employment contracts and need help doing so.

A new physician can negotiate with a San Jose medical facility regarding salary and benefits. Before doing so, it would be a good idea to determine exactly what it is he or she wants out of the contract. Then, negotiations on these points can begin. Most employment contracts include a productivity element these days instead of just a straight salary offer, so it may be necessary to be willing to give up some on this or another point in order to reach the desired numbers.

Another area of negotiation is in the hours a new physician will work and be on call. It is important to understand the definitions in this area. For example, how many hours does a "regular work day" encompass and how often will an individual be on call? If he or she expects to have a normal life outside of work, it will be important to understand just how many hours will be spent working. Being on call should be considered work hours, which could preclude being outside a certain distance from work or drinking, for instance.

These are not the only points in new physician employment contracts that may be subject to negotiation, but they do provide a place to start. In any event, a new physician should not feel obligated to simply accept the terms of the first contract presented by a prospective employer. In fact, it may be a good idea to review the contract with an employment law attorney in order to make sure that all of his or her rights are protected and the best terms possible are reached.

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