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Restaurants failed to provide adequate employment compensation

Employees at restaurants throughout California and other parts of the country often work long hours at strenuous, often low-paying jobs. Certainly, workers in any industry expect and deserve to receive the full amount of employment compensation they have earned, including any overtime pay they may have coming to them. When a company fails to do this, it is violating the nation's wage and hour laws. An organization in another state was recently required to pay back wages to nearly 70 employees.

Following a U.S. Department of Labor investigation, a restaurant corporation was found to have been paying its workers a daily wage, regardless of the length of time they had worked during the week. Reports show that some of the wait staff and kitchen employees had logged almost 60 hours a week, yet never received overtime pay. The amount the employees received did not meet the $7.25 per hour minimum wage requirement.

The corporation violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by not keeping adequate time records for its employees. Though the organization is working toward compliance, it was required to pay nearly $209,000 to 69 employees. Each person received roughly $3,000 in back wages or overtime pay restitution.

When established wage and hour laws are not followed, employees are the ones who suffer. Those who are not receiving the employment compensation to which they are entitled may wish to take action against their employer. A California employment law attorney can work with clients to help them receive any back wages or other compensation they may be due. Other actions against the employer may be warranted that could provide additional compensation for damages.

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