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Ex-CEO files wrongful termination lawsuit against former employee

When California employees and others across the country have to take time off from work due to illness, most assume that their jobs will still be there when they return. In fact, many absences are protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act or specific company guidelines. However, one CEO in another state lost his job with an airport authority after missing work because of sickness. He has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer.

The former CEO has stated that the airport did not properly abide by the laws protecting employees with illnesses. However, the airport contends the man was fired because of incompetent actions while on the job. Officials from the airport have accused the former CEO of not making changes specified in a recent audit, not properly investing a significant amount of funds and failing to communicate with the board regarding severance packages to certain members of management.

At issue in the lawsuit are numerous text messages circulating among the board members. Included in the texts were details of the CEO's continued employment. The man has requested that this information be available to him to review and use in the course of the lawsuit. However, rulings have been made that protect the information in the texts since they were sent on private phones. The airport's board members are volunteers and therefore utilize their private phones.

Certainly, one would hope that all pertinent information is made available to all parties involved in a wrongful termination lawsuit. Anyone who believes they have been wrongfully terminated in California should seek the counsel of an employment law attorney. An experienced lawyer can assist in obtaining any pertinent documents that could lead to a favorable outcome in the proceedings.

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