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Employment discrimination: Is IBM targeting older employees?

Employees who have been with companies for a long period of time should feel valued by their employers. Their on-the-job experience and knowledge should be considered as assets. Unfortunately, there are some workers in California and elsewhere in the country who believe their ages have made them the victims of a type of employment discrimination. Age discrimination lawsuits have been filed when it is suspected that older employees are losing their jobs to younger workers.

Three former employees recently filed an age discrimination lawsuit against IBM. Their claim is that the corporation was creating a younger staff by systematically releasing older workers. Officials at the international technology giant deny any discrimination based on age. They did acknowledge that the skill set required of employees has changed and that they have to hire and train based on those necessary skills.

A report was published earlier in the year that claims over 20,000 employees over the age of 40 lost their jobs at IBM facilities in the United States. This represented roughly 60 percent of all the job cuts in the country. While IBM is dealing with previous age discrimination lawsuits, details of the latest case allege that the company has shifted its focus to a younger workforce.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is also investigating IBM for potential age discrimination. Other companies in the technology industry have also been suspected of discriminating against older workers. A lawsuit has been filed against Intel while Facebook has been accused of presenting job postings to a younger demographic.

There are many types of employment discrimination a worker may experience. If someone has been discriminated against on the basis of age or other categories, such as gender or nationality, it is imperative to contact a California employment law attorney. A respected lawyer will evaluate a client's situation and recommend the best course of action to take in seeking reparation from an employer.

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