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Ex-CEO files wrongful termination lawsuit against former employee

When California employees and others across the country have to take time off from work due to illness, most assume that their jobs will still be there when they return. In fact, many absences are protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act or specific company guidelines. However, one CEO in another state lost his job with an airport authority after missing work because of sickness. He has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer.

Employment discrimination: Is IBM targeting older employees?

Employees who have been with companies for a long period of time should feel valued by their employers. Their on-the-job experience and knowledge should be considered as assets. Unfortunately, there are some workers in California and elsewhere in the country who believe their ages have made them the victims of a type of employment discrimination. Age discrimination lawsuits have been filed when it is suspected that older employees are losing their jobs to younger workers.

Wrongful termination, discrimination lawsuit settled out of court

The Me Too Movement recently highlighted in the news has brought focus to the plight of many women in California workplaces and other states across the nation. Women have shared stories about being sexually harassed and discriminated against in virtually every industry. The movement has given a voice to many who may have kept quiet about practices in their workplaces. A lawsuit alleging wrongful termination, discrimination and sexual harassment brought by a woman against her employer was recently settled out of court.

Restaurants failed to provide adequate employment compensation

Employees at restaurants throughout California and other parts of the country often work long hours at strenuous, often low-paying jobs. Certainly, workers in any industry expect and deserve to receive the full amount of employment compensation they have earned, including any overtime pay they may have coming to them. When a company fails to do this, it is violating the nation's wage and hour laws. An organization in another state was recently required to pay back wages to nearly 70 employees.

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