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Employment discrimination suit filed against health system

A man in another state recently claimed that he was mistreated at work on the basis of his age. He has therefore filed a lawsuit against his former employer, a health system. Likewise, any employees in California who believe that they have experienced age-based employment discrimination can seek justice through the civil court system.

The man who filed the recent class-action suit is 67 years old. According to his suit, which he filed in early July, the health system targeted workers who were 40 years old and older during its elimination of about 400 management roles in June of 2017. The man asserted that more than 86 percent of the employees who were terminated were above the age of 40 despite the fact that such managers constituted more than 80 percent of the company's manager workforce.

The plaintiff accused the health system of employing discriminatory practices, policies and patterns. The health system reported that it had received the lawsuit but needed more time to go over it. The health system has been struggling financially and expected to save $60 million in the 2018 fiscal year by eliminating the 400 management roles in 2017. According to the health system, the cuts in no way impacted patient care, safety or quality.

Unfortunately, sometimes, employers in California fail to treat employees equally as a result of their ages, which can have an adverse impact on the finances and careers of those who are discriminated against. Fortunately, those who are victims of employment discrimination can file discrimination claims, which might lead to remedies such as monetary relief or even in the reinstatement of a job. An understanding of what needs to be proved in this type of case will likely be necessary for the plaintiff to prevail in it in the Golden State.

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