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Wrongful termination suit filed against university settled

A man in another state was let go from his university athletic trainer job back in 2016 after he reportedly urinated in a whirlpool. The firing drove him to file a wrongful termination lawsuit, which was recently settled. Anyone in California who likewise experiences alleged wrongful termination has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

In the out-of-state case, the man who filed the lawsuit claimed that he had to urinate in a whirlpool in the university's training room due to a medical condition. Specifically, doctors had diagnosed him as having a prostate that had become enlarged, along with a separate medical condition. These issues apparently caused the man to have to use the restroom frequently.

The man asserted that he urinated in the whirlpool only because he had no time to reach a bathroom. In addition, he claimed that he cleaned the tank thoroughly after the incident. Nonetheless, he was terminated after working in his job for more than three decades. In his lawsuit, the man alleged that his termination was due to his gender, age and disability, although he dismissed the claim of gender-based discrimination back in April of this year. Neither the man nor the university have disclosed their recent lawsuit settlement's terms.

Unfortunately, sometimes, employers unjustly fire employees, which can adversely impact these employees' career prospects down the road. Fortunately, anyone in California who experiences wrongful termination may file a lawsuit in an effort to right any wrongs that have been committed against him or her. A successfully fought suit may lead to monetary relief or even the reinstatement of a job based on the circumstances surrounding the case.

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