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California employment laws address pay, overtime and breaks

Hour and wage laws in California address the different kinds of leave that employees can take as well as the state's minimum wage requirements. These laws also cover breaks, overtime and meals. Understanding these employment laws can help workers in the Golden State to ensure that their rights are not being infringed upon when they punch the clock each day.

In California, the minimum wage is $11. Also, when it comes to mealtimes, employees in California have to be given breaks from all of their duties for a period of 30 minutes. During their 30-minute lunch periods, employers must allow them to leave their workplaces. Unpaid meal periods are required for any worker who works over five consecutive hours.

With regard to overtime pay, the state of California requires that workers receive 1.5 times their regular pay rates for any time they work beyond eight hours per day. In addition, they are entitled to receive twice their regular rates for any hours worked beyond 12 hours per day. No non-exempt employee can legally waive his or her right to overtime.

Employers are expected to follow California's hour and wage laws closely. Unfortunately, not all employers do this, either accidentally or intentionally. Employees who are not receiving the pay or mealtimes to which they are entitled based on the state's employment laws have the right to explore all of their options for righting this wrong, including filing lawsuits against their employers. A successfully fought suit may lead to back pay and/or other remedies for the Golden State employee, depending on the facts of his or her case.

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