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Wrongful termination can happen for a variety of reasons

Being terminated can understandably be one of the most humiliating experiences a person may have. However, in some cases, wrongful termination happens. In these cases, employees in California have the right to seek justice.

In some cases involving wrongful termination, employers terminate employees based on disability, pregnancy, age, religion, national origin, gender or race. All of these are, of course, protected under law. Other termination cases involve employers who fire workers in retaliation for something that the workers have done. For instance, perhaps the workers spoke up about something unethical or illegal that the company has done. Likewise, an employer may demand that an employee commit an illegal act and then terminate the employee if he or she decides not to do so.

Sometimes, employers violate their contractual obligations when they terminate employees, which is also illegal. For instance, an employee might have signed a contract explaining that he would perform specific tasks for the company for at least six months. Then, the company would decide whether the employee should stay longer. If the employee is terminated before the six months are up, this is grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit.

If an employee in California ends up experiencing a wrongful termination, he or she fortunately has recourse through the civil court system. An understanding of what facts have to be proved to prevail in such a case will most likely be important. A case that is successfully litigated might lead to remedies such as the reinstatement of the terminated employee's job and even monetary relief for all damages incurred.

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