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EEOC files suit against airline services over employment dispute

In 1964, the federal government passed a law that requires employers to allow workers to retain firmly held religious practices as long as doing so does not create an undue burden on the employer. In light of that law, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission works to ensure that employees are not subjected to retaliation whenever they seek to invoke that right. California residents who believe that their rights have been violated may seek assistance to settle an employment dispute relating to the violation.

Recently, the EEOC filed a lawsuit against a company that provides airline support services. The company, Aviation Port Services, which is based in Washington, purportedly terminated six Muslim women who had requested the right to continue dressing as their religious beliefs dictates. The employees were garbed in traditional long-length skirts at that time. The company allegedly informed the women in 2016 that they would be required to wear either company provided slacks or knee-length skirts.

The women protested and claimed a religious exemption based on the 1964 law. The company refused to accommodate them, and they were subsequently fired in January of 2017. The EEOC purportedly attempted to come to a suitable settlement with the company before filing the lawsuit. That attempt was unsuccessful.

The federal agency is now suing on behalf of the women for back pay and compensation for their damages. The company has not issued a formal response to the lawsuit. Any California worker who believes that he or she has been a victim of any form of discrimination is entitled to seek relief and assistance. An experienced attorney can provide guidance and information that may be able to resolve an employment dispute in a timely and equitable manner.

Source:, "Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sues Aviation Port Services for firing 6 Muslim workers over uniform dispute", Shannon Young, May 8, 2018

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