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Wrongful termination lawsuit against school district settled

A former school district operations manager in another state claimed in a lawsuit that he was unfairly ousted from his school district. In response to this, the district recently decided to pay the man $175,000 to settle the wrongful termination lawsuit. Like the former school district operations manager, anyone in California who is wrongfully terminated from his or her job has the right to take legal action in an effort to right any wrong that has been committed.  

Wrongful termination lawsuit leads to $640K settlement

A previous assistant county manager in another state was terminated back in 2011 when a gift-related controversy erupted. However, he sued the county and recently settled his lawsuit for $640,000. Anyone in California who has suffered wrongful termination likewise may have recourse through the civil court system.

EEOC files suit against airline services over employment dispute

In 1964, the federal government passed a law that requires employers to allow workers to retain firmly held religious practices as long as doing so does not create an undue burden on the employer. In light of that law, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission works to ensure that employees are not subjected to retaliation whenever they seek to invoke that right. California residents who believe that their rights have been violated may seek assistance to settle an employment dispute relating to the violation.

Employees win in separate payment dispute cases

Those who work for minimum wage rely on every dollar to make ends meet. Therefore, when an employer refuses to issue rightfully earned pay, the employees affected may find themselves involved in a payment dispute case. California residents who believe they have not been justly compensated for hours worked can seek assistance in finding a remedy.

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