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Honored firefighter files wrongful termination suit against city

Those who provide emergency services often do so under intense situations and place their own lives in danger. In spite of these sacrifices, these first responders are often city employees and are required to follow the regulations that govern how these workers operate. There may be conflict at times, and any California worker who believes that he or she may be a victim of a wrongful termination is entitled to seek justice.

Recently, one firefighter, recognized for outstanding performance of his duties during the attack at the Pulse nightclub in 2017, was fired for supposedly breaching patient confidentiality. The man claims that his firing was in retaliation against his efforts to file for workers' compensation benefits for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The first responder has also been openly critical of the department's response during the massacre.

He claimed that he attempted to take more action during the tragic attack but was ordered by superiors to refrain from doing so. The fired man's lawyer has said that the termination was a violation of a Florida statute that forbids any firing in response to filing for workers' comp. In response, Orlando officials stated that the firefighter's recording of a patient's interactions during a routine call with first responders was a direct violation of the patient's right to privacy.

The man claimed he did not realize at the time that the woman he recorded was a city official, and that he used his cell phone's recording in an effort to protect the department due to the woman's allegedly belligerent behavior. The wrongful termination case has not yet been scheduled. California workers who believe that they have been a victim of an employer's unjust actions or decisions are assured of the right to consult with an experienced employment law attorney.

Source:, "Ousted state firefighter of year sues City of Orlando for...", Mike Holfeld, March 22, 2018

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