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Honored firefighter files wrongful termination suit against city

Those who provide emergency services often do so under intense situations and place their own lives in danger. In spite of these sacrifices, these first responders are often city employees and are required to follow the regulations that govern how these workers operate. There may be conflict at times, and any California worker who believes that he or she may be a victim of a wrongful termination is entitled to seek justice.

24 Hour Fitness battling several employment related lawsuits

Americans are often fanatical about getting healthy and working out. As a result, there are a plethora of options for obtaining a gym membership and staying fit. Unfortunately, the fancy gym equipment often conceals the misery of the employees who are often required to work under less than optimal conditions. One of the most popular gyms in California, 24 Hour Fitness, is also the most frequent defendant in employment related disputes.

Proposed legislation stirs employment dispute over pensions

One of the most popular incentives for those who seek positions in the public sector is the possibility of securing a reliable pension plan. Unfortunately, many states and companies are having difficulty meeting the demands that these retirement benefits place on stressed budgets. There have been many employment disputes concerning cuts to retirement plans involving California workers over recent years.

Sexual harassment underreported according to EEOC claim reports

Sexual harassment has been classified as illegal under Title VII since 1986. Sadly, the vast majority of workers who experience this type of disturbing behavior on the job do not report it for fear of retaliation. California employees who believe they have been a victim of this type of discrimination are entitled to file an EEOC claim against the individuals deemed responsible.

Lawsuit over employee rights may impact California

A civil suit currently being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court could potentially have a significant impact for public employees in California and several other states. The suit is over employee rights and whether public workers such as teachers should be required to pay union dues or is this a violation of First Amendment rights. A similar suit filed a few years ago ended in a deadlock after the death of Justice Scalia.

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