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Emergency responders out in the cold with no employment contracts

One of the most overlooked benefits of living in a larger city or town is the public service amenities, including those provided by first responders. While no one can deny the valuable service that these dedicated individuals provide, these workers may feel unappreciated when they are left out in the cold with no current employment contracts in force. It is not unusual for California towns to attempt to negotiate the terms of these contracts, but the providers may feel undervalued when they feel forced to provide care for residents without having a valid agreement in place.

Security guard files suit against Giants over employment dispute

The professional baseball season typically runs from early April until late October. When the season is over, it is likely that the average fan does not consider what happens to the support staff of a team. Recently, a security guard, who is employed by the San Francisco Giants, filed a suit against the team over an employment dispute. The California Supreme Court has decided to weigh in on this particular case.

Former security of hospital files wrongful termination suit

The majority of patients likely do not consider all of the aspects that go into making a hospital safe for employees and patients. As California residents are aware, violence can break out anywhere, including in health care settings. These institutions are charged with providing a safe environment, and to take shortcuts can place all involved at risk. That is purportedly the reason one former security director recently filed a wrongful termination suit against his former employer.

Teachers win protracted court case over employment contract issue

Those who elect to devote their careers to education often invest a great deal of time and emotional energy in exchange for a set wage. While the vast majority of teachers strive to provide a quality education to their students, employment contract issues often take both a financial and motivational toll. Many California educators have found themselves caught up in these types of disputes with their local government officials.

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