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Man files wrongful termination claim after fired due to a rally

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the Untied States grants the right of citizens to free expression of speech and personal beliefs if done so in a peaceable manner. In spite of this constitutional right, there are times when an employer has fired workers for holding their own viewpoints on social issues. California workers who have been fired for a similar reason may have the right to file a wrongful termination claim.

Former officer alleges wrongful termination and weighs options

When one invests time, energy and passion into a chosen field, being accused of improper conduct can cause many undesirable consequences. If those allegations lead to an individual losing his or her job, then there may be basis for a wrongful termination claim. California workers who are facing this scenario do have the right to seek a suitable resolution.

Many federal workers may be affected by payment caps for overtime

The past year has brought multiple natural disasters that have taken a toll on many of the resources available, including the hours put in by emergency responders. Now, there are several hundred FEMA workers who may be asked to give even more as they may have exceeded the salary caps that dictate payment for excessive hours worked. If this becomes a requirement, it may affect California residents who work for the federal agency.

City attempts to help end employment contract dispute for workers

Often, when two sides are having a difficult time reaching a mutually satisfying agreement, a mediator may get involved in order settle some of the differences. While not every employment contract dispute requires such intervention, it can help both parties understand the situation from a different perspective. There are times when California workers may require assistance from other professionals in order to resolve some protracted disputes.

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